7 When Ye Desire To Perform This Prayer

turn ye towards the Court of My

Most Holy Presence, this Hallowed Spot that God hath ... decreed to be the

Point of Adoration for the denizens of the Cities of Eternity 6

The Point of Adoration, that is, the point to which the worshipper

should turn when offering obligatory prayer, is called the Qiblih. The

concept of Qiblih has existed in previous religions. Jerusalem in the past

had been fixed for this purpose. Muhammad changed the Qiblih to Mecca. The

Bab's instructions in the Arabic Bayan were:

The Qiblih is indeed He Whom God will make manifest; whenever He

moveth, it moveth, until He shall come to rest.

This passage is quoted by Baha'u'llah in the Kitab-i-Aqdas ( 137) and

confirmed by Him in the above-noted verse. He has also indicated that

facing in the direction of the Qiblih is a fixed requirement for the

recitation of obligatory prayer (Q and A 14 and 67). However, for other

prayers and devotions the individual may face in any direction.

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