Wing then thy flight unto this divine Tree and partake of its fruits.

Gather up that which hath fallen therefrom and guard it faithfully.

Meditate then upon the utterance of one of the Prophets as He intimated to

the souls of men, through veiled allusions and hidden symbols, the

glad-tidings of the One Who was to come after Him, that thou mayest know

of a certainty that their words are inscrutable to all save those who are

endued with an understanding heart. He saith: "His eyes were as a flame of

fire", and "brass-like were His feet", and "out of His mouth goeth a

two-edged sword".(50) How could these words be literally interpreted? Were

anyone to appear with all these signs, he would assuredly not be human.

And how could any soul seek his company? Nay, should he appear in one

city, even the inhabitants of the next would flee from him, nor would any

soul dare approach him! Yet, shouldst thou reflect upon these statements,

thou wouldst find them to be of such surpassing eloquence and clarity as

to mark the loftiest heights of utterance and the epitome of wisdom.

Methinks it is from them that the suns of eloquence have appeared and the

stars of clarity have dawned forth and shone resplendent.

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