Know then that He who uttered these words in the realms of glory meant

to describe the attributes of the One Who is to come in such veiled and

enigmatic terms as to elude the understanding of the people of error. Now,

when He saith: "His eyes were as a flame of fire", He alludeth but to the

keenness of sight and acuteness of vision of the Promised One, Who with

His eyes burneth away every veil and covering, maketh known the eternal

mysteries in the contingent world, and distinguisheth the faces that are

obscured with the dust of hell from those that shine with the light of

paradise.(51) Were His eyes not made of the blazing fire of God, how could

He consume every veil and burn away all that the people possess? How could

He behold the signs of God in the Kingdom of His names and in the world of

creation? How could He see all things with the all-perceiving eye of God?

Thus have we conferred upon Him a penetrating vision in this day. Would

that ye believe in the verses of God! For, indeed, what fire is fiercer

than this flame that shineth in the Sinai of His eyes, whereby He

consumeth all that hath veiled the peoples of the world? Immeasurably

exalted shall God remain above all that hath been revealed in His unerring

Tablets concerning the mysteries of the beginning and the end until that

day when the Crier will cry out, the day whereon we shall all return unto


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