As to the words "brass-like were His feet", by this is meant His

constancy upon hearing the call of God that commandeth Him: "Be thou

steadfast as thou hast been bidden."(52) He shall so persevere in the

Cause of God, and evince such firmness in the path of His might, that even

if all the powers of earth and heaven were to deny Him, He would not waver

in the proclamation of His Cause, nor flee from His command in the

promulgation of His Laws. Nay rather, He will stand as firm as the highest

mountains and the loftiest peaks. He will remain immovable in His

obedience to God and steadfast in revealing His Cause and proclaiming His

Word. No obstacle will hinder Him, nor will the censure of the froward

deter Him or the repudiation of the infidels cause Him to waver. All the

hatred, the rejection, the iniquity, and the unbelief that He witnesseth

serve but to strengthen His love for God, to augment the yearning of His

heart, to heighten the exultation of His soul, and to fill His breast with

passionate devotion. Hast thou ever seen in this world brass stronger, or

blade sharper, or mountain more unyielding than this? He shall verily

stand upon His feet to confront all the inhabitants of the earth, and will

fear no one, notwithstanding that which, as thou well knowest, the people

are wont to commit. Glory be to God, Who hath established Him and called

Him forth! Potent is God to do what He pleaseth. He, in truth, is the Help

in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.

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