And further He saith: "Out of his mouth goeth a two-edged sword." Know

thou that since the sword is an instrument that divideth and cleaveth

asunder, and since there proceedeth from the mouth of the Prophets and the

Chosen Ones of God that which separateth the believer from the infidel and

the lover from the beloved, this term hath been so employed, and apart

from this dividing and separating no other meaning is intended. Thus, when

He Who is the Primal Point and the eternal Sun desireth, by the leave of

God, to gather together all creation, to raise them up from the graves of

their own selves, and to divide them one from another, He shall pronounce

but one verse from Him, and this verse will distinguish truth from error

from this day unto the Day of Resurrection. What sword is sharper than

this heavenly sword, what blade more trenchant than this incorruptible

steel that severeth every tie and separateth thereby the believer from the

infidel, father from son, brother from sister, and lover from beloved?(53)

For whoso believeth in that which hath been revealed unto him is a true

believer and whoso turneth away is an infidel, and such an irrevocable

separation occurreth between them that they will cease to consort and

associate with each other in this world. And so it is between father and

son, for should the son believe and the father deny, they will be severed

and forever dissociated from each other. Nay rather, thou witnesseth how

the son slayeth the father and the father the son. Consider in the same

light all that We have explained and related unto thee.

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