77 God Hath Imposed A Fine On Every Adulterer And Adulteress To Be Paid To The House Of Justice #49

Although the term translated here as adultery refers, in its broadest

sense, to unlawful sexual intercourse between either married or unmarried

individuals (see note 36 for a definition of the term), 'Abdu'l-Baha has

specified that the punishment here prescribed is for sexual intercourse

between persons who are unmarried. He indicates that it remains for the

Universal House of Justice to determine the penalty for adultery committed

by a married individual. (See also Q and A 49.)

In one of His Tablets, 'Abdu'l-Baha refers to some of the spiritual and

social implications of the violation of the laws of morality and,

concerning the penalty here described, He indicates that the aim of this

law is to make clear to all that such an action is shameful in the eyes of

God and that, in the event that the offence can be established and the

fine imposed, the principal purpose is the exposure of the offenders--that

they are shamed and disgraced in the eyes of society. He affirms that such

exposure is in itself the greatest punishment.

The House of Justice referred to in this verse is presumably the Local

House of Justice, currently known as the Local Spiritual Assembly.

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