But hear, O My brother, My plaint against them that claim to be

associated with God and with the Manifestations of His knowledge, and yet

follow their corrupt inclinations, consume the substance of their

neighbour, are given to wine, commit murder, defraud and slander each

other, hurl calumnies against God, and are wont to speak falsely. The

people attribute all these deeds unto Us, whilst their perpetrators remain

shameless before God. They cast aside that which He hath enjoined upon

them and commit that which He hath forbidden. Yet it behoveth the people

of truth that the signs of humility should shine upon their faces, that

the light of sanctity should radiate from their countenances, that they

should walk upon the earth as though they were in the presence of God and

distinguish themselves in their deeds from all the dwellers of the earth.

Such must be their state that their eyes should behold the evidences of

His might, their tongues and hearts make mention of His name, their feet

be set towards the lands of His nearness, and their hands take fast hold

upon His precepts. And were they to pass through a valley of pure gold and

mines of precious silver, they should regard them as wholly unworthy of

their attention.

80: O My Servants! Ye Are The Trees Of My Garden; Ye Must Give Forth 81 The Penalties For Wounding Or Striking A Person Depend Upon The facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail