Know thou, moreover, that in this most hallowed and resplendent city

thou shalt find the wayfarer to be lowly before all men and humble before

all things. For naught doth he behold save that he perceiveth God therein.

He beholdeth the effulgent glories of God in the lights of His Revelation

that have encompassed the Sinai of creation. In this station the wayfarer

must not claim the seat of honour in any gathering or walk before others

in the desire to vaunt and exalt himself. Rather must he regard himself as

standing at all times in the presence of his Lord. He must not wish for

anyone that which he doth not wish for himself, nor speak that which he

would not bear to hear spoken by another, nor yet desire for any soul that

which he would not have desired for himself. It befitteth him, rather, to

walk upon the earth with undeviating steps in the kingdom of His new


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