In this station, all changing and varying realities are manifest before

thee. Whosoever denieth this truth hath verily turned aside from the Cause

of God, rebelled against His rule, and gainsaid His sovereignty. For it is

indeed within the power of Him Who changeth the earth into another earth

to transform all that dwell and move thereon. Wherefore marvel not at how

He turneth darkness into light, light into darkness, ignorance into

knowledge, error into guidance, death into life, and life into death. It

is in this station that the law of transformation taketh effect. Ponder

thereon, if thou be of them that tread this path, that all thou didst ask

of this owly One may be made plain unto thee and that thou mayest abide

within the tabernacle of this guidance. For He doeth whatsoever He willeth

and ordaineth whatsoever He pleaseth. Nor shall He be asked of His doings,

whilst all men will be asked of their every deed.(57)

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