O My brother! In this stage, which marketh the beginning of the

journey, thou shalt behold divers stations and differing signs, even as

was mentioned in connection with the City of Search. All these hold true

in their respective planes. It behoveth thine eminence in this station to

consider each created thing in its own place, neither abasing nor exalting

its true rank. For instance, if thou wert to reduce the unseen world to

the realm of creation, this would be an act of sheer blasphemy, and the

converse would likewise be the essence of impiety. Wert thou, however, to

describe the unseen world and the realm of creation within their own

stations, this would be the undoubted truth. In other words, wert thou to

witness any transformation in the realm of the divine unity, no greater

sin could be conceived in all creation, but wert thou to consider

transformation in its own place and understand it accordingly, no harm

could befall thee.

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