Know thou, moreover, that the bird that taketh flight in the atmosphere

of the realm on high will never be able to soar unto the heaven of

transcendent holiness, nor taste of the fruits which God hath brought

forth therein, nor quaff from the streams which He hath caused to flow in

its midst. And were it to partake but a drop thereof, it would perish

forthwith. Even as thou dost witness in these days with regard to those

who profess allegiance unto Us, and yet perform such deeds, utter such

words, and advance such claims as they have. Methinks they lie as dead

within their own veils.

88 God Hath Prescribed Matrimony Unto You #63 89 Beware That Ye Take Not Unto Yourselves More Wives Than Two facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail