Comprehend, in like manner, every station, sign, and allusion, that

thou mayest perceive all things in their own place and consider all

matters in their proper light. For in this station, the City of Divine

Unity, are to be found those who have entered within the ark of divine

guidance and journeyed through the heights of divine unity. Thou shalt

behold the lights of beauty upon their faces and the mysteries of glory in

their human temples. Thou shalt perceive the musk-laden fragrance of their

words and behold the signs of His sovereignty in all their ways and

doings. Nor wilt thou be veiled by the deeds of them that have failed to

quaff from the crystal springs or to attain unto the cities of holiness,

and who follow their selfish desires and spread disorder in the land, all

the while believing themselves to be guided aright. It is indeed of them

that it hath been said: "These are the abject and foolish, who follow

every clamorous impostor and who bend with every changing wind."(58) The

stages of this journey, station, and abode are clear and manifest to thee

and require no further explanation.

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