Know then that all thou hast heard and witnessed that Daystar of Truth,

the Primal Point, ascribe to Himself from the designations of former times

is only on account of the weakness of men and the scheme of the world of

creation. Otherwise, all names and attributes revolve round His Essence

and circle about the threshold of His sanctuary. For He it is Who traineth

all names, revealeth all attributes, conferreth life upon all beings,

proclaimeth the divine verses, and arrayeth the heavenly signs. Nay,

shouldst thou gaze with thine inner eye, thou wouldst find that all save

Him fade into utter nothingness and are as a thing forgotten in His holy

presence. "God was alone; there was none else besides Him. He remaineth

now what He hath ever been." Since it hath been established that

God--hallowed and glorified be He!--was alone and there was none besides

Him, how can the law of change and transformation apply here? Shouldst

thou reflect upon that which We have disclosed unto thee, the daystar of

guidance would shine resplendent before thee in this everlasting morn, and

thou wouldst be numbered therein with the pious.

90 He Who Would Take Into His Service A Maid May Do So With Propriety #63 91 This Is My Bidding Unto You; Hold Fast To It As An Assistance To Yourselves #63 facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail