After this heavenly journey and mystical ascent the wayfarer will enter

within the Garden of Wonderment. Were I to disclose unto thee the reality

of this station, thou wouldst lament and bewail the plight of this Servant

Who remaineth in the hands of these infidels, Who hath grown perplexed at

his plight, and is lost in bewilderment in this fathomless ocean. They

conspire each day to put Me to death, and seek at every hour to banish Me

from this land, even as they banished Me from another land. Yet this

Servant standeth ready before them, awaiting whatsoever the Almighty hath

ordained and decreed for Us. Nor do I fear any soul, encompassed as We may

be by such trials and tribulations as are inflicted by the wicked and the

malicious and surrounded at this hour by a myriad woes and sorrows.

"Noah's flood is but the measure of the tears I have shed, and Abraham's

fire an ebullition of My soul. Jacob's grief is but a reflection of My

sorrows, and Job's afflictions a fraction of My calamity."(60)

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