A Loving Farewell Greeting

After leaving London and during his two months stay in Paris, 'Abdu'l-Baha

frequently sent back messages to his English friends, some of whom

journeyed over to take advantage of the conferences there. On the eve of

his departure for Alexandria, he gave the following admonitory farewell to

the people of England and France.

Work, he said unceasingly, for the day of Universal Peace. Strive

always that you may be united. Kindness and love in the path of service

must be your means.

I bid a loving farewell to the people of France and England. I am very

much pleased with them. I counsel them that they may day by day strengthen

the bond of love and amity to this end,--that they may become the

sympathetic embodiment of one nation.--That they may extend themselves to a

Universal Brotherhood to guard and protect the interests and rights of all

the nations of the East,--that they may unfurl the Divine Banner of

justice,--that they may treat each nation as a family composed of the

individual children of God and may know that before the sight of God the

rights of all are equal. For all of us are the children of one Father. God

is at peace with all his children; why should they engage in strife and

warfare among themselves? God is showering down kindness; why should the

inhabitants of this world exchange unkindness and cruelty?

I will pray for you that you may be illumined with the Light of the


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