All Praise Be To Thee, O My God! Thou Beholdest

All praise be to Thee, O my God! Thou beholdest my helplessness and

poverty, and bearest witness unto my woes and trials. How long wilt Thou

abandon me among Thy servants? Suffer me to ascend into Thy presence. The

power of Thy might beareth me witness! Such are the tribulations with

which I am encompassed that I am powerless to recount them before Thy

face. Thou, alone, verily, hast through Thy knowledge reckoned them.

I beseech Thee, O Thou Who art my Companion in my lowliness, to rain down

upon Thy loved ones from the clouds of Thy mercy that which will cause

them to be satisfied with Thy pleasure, and will enable them to turn unto

Thee and to be detached from all else except Thee. Ordain, then, for them

every good conceived by Thee and predestined in Thy Book. Thou art,

verily, the All-Powerful, He Whom nothing whatsoever can frustrate. From

everlasting Thou hast been clothed with transcendent greatness and power,

with unspeakable majesty and glory. There is no God beside Thee, the

Almighty, the All-Glorious, the Ever-Forgiving.

Glorified be Thy name, Thou in Whose hand are the kingdoms of earth and


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