All-praise Be To Thee, O Lord, My God! I Know

All-praise be to Thee, O Lord, my God! I know not how to sing Thy praise,

how to describe Thy glory, how to call upon Thy Name. If I call upon Thee

by Thy Name, the All-Possessing, I am compelled to recognize that He Who

holdeth in His hand the immediate destinies of all created things is but a

vassal dependent upon Thee, and is the creation of but a word proceeding

from Thy mouth. And if I proclaim Thee by the name of Him Who is the

All-Compelling, I readily discover that He is but a suppliant fallen upon

the dust, awe-stricken by Thy dreadful might, Thy sovereignty and power.

And if I attempt to describe Thee by glorifying the oneness of Thy Being,

I soon realize that such a conception is but a notion which mine own fancy

hath woven, and that Thou hast ever been immeasurably exalted above the

vain imaginations which the hearts of men have devised.

The glory of Thy might beareth me witness! Whoso claimeth to have known

Thee hath, by virtue of such a claim, testified to his own ignorance; and

whoso believeth himself to have attained unto Thee, all the atoms of the

earth would attest his powerlessness and proclaim his failure. Thou hast,

however, by virtue of Thy mercy that hath surpassed the kingdoms of earth

and heaven, deigned to accept from Thy servants the laud and honor they

pay to Thine own exalted Self, and hast bidden them celebrate Thy glory,

that the ensigns of Thy guidance may be unfurled in Thy cities and the

tokens of Thy mercy be spread abroad among Thy nations, and that each and

all may be enabled to attain unto that which Thou hast destined for them

by Thy decree, and ordained unto them through Thine irrevocable will and


Having testified, therefore, unto mine own impotence and the impotence of

Thy servants, I beseech Thee, by the brightness of the light of Thy

beauty, not to refuse Thy creatures attainment to the shores of Thy most

holy ocean. Draw them, then, O my God, through the Divine sweetness of Thy

melodies, towards the throne of Thy glory and the seat of Thine eternal

holiness. Thou art, verily, the Most Powerful, the Supreme Ruler, the

Great Giver, the Most Exalted, the Ever-Desired.

Grant, then, O my God, that Thy servant who hath turned towards Thee, hath

fixed his gaze upon Thee, and clung to the cord of Thy mercifulness and

favor, may be enabled to partake of the living waters of Thy mercy and

grace. Cause him, then, to ascend unto the heights to which he aspireth,

and withhold him not from that which Thou dost possess. Thou art, verily,

the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Bountiful.

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