Amongst The Proofs Demonstrating The Truth

Amongst the proofs demonstrating the truth of this Revelation is this,

that in every age and Dispensation, whenever the invisible Essence was

revealed in the person of His Manifestation, certain souls, obscure and

detached from all worldly entanglements, would seek illumination from the

Sun of Prophethood and Moon of Divine guidance, and would attain unto the

Divine Presence. For this reason, the divines of the age and those

possessed of wealth, would scorn and scoff at these people. Even as He

hath revealed concerning them that erred: "Then said the chiefs of His

people who believed not, 'We see in Thee but a man like ourselves; and we

see not any who have followed Thee except our meanest ones of hasty

judgment, nor see we any excellence in you above ourselves: nay, we deem

you liars.'" They caviled at those holy Manifestations, and protested

saying: "None hath followed you except the abject amongst us, those who

are worthy of no attention." Their aim was to show that no one amongst the

learned, the wealthy, and the renowned believed in them. By this and

similar proofs they sought to demonstrate the falsity of Him that speaketh

naught but the truth.

In this most resplendent Dispensation, however, this most mighty

Sovereignty, a number of illumined divines, of men of consummate learning,

of doctors of mature wisdom, have attained unto His Court, drunk the cup

of His divine Presence, and been invested with the honor of His most

excellent favor. They have renounced, for the sake of the Beloved, the

world and all that is therein....

All these were guided by the light of the Sun of Divine Revelation,

confessed and acknowledged His truth. Such was their faith, that most of

them renounced their substance and kindred, and cleaved to the good

pleasure of the All-Glorious. They laid down their lives for their

Well-Beloved, and surrendered their all in His path. Their breasts were

made targets for the darts of the enemy, and their heads adorned the

spears of the infidel. No land remained which did not drink the blood of

these embodiments of detachment, and no sword that did not bruise their

necks. Their deeds, alone, testify to the truth of their words. Doth not

the testimony of these holy souls, who have so gloriously risen to offer

up their lives for their Beloved that the whole world marveled at the

manner of their sacrifice, suffice the people of this day? Is it not

sufficient witness against the faithlessness of those who for a trifle

betrayed their faith, who bartered away immortality for that which

perisheth, who gave up the Kaw_th_ar of the Divine Presence for salty

springs, and whose one aim in life is to usurp the property of others?

Even as thou dost witness how all of them have busied themselves with the

vanities of the world, and have strayed far from Him Who is the Lord, the

Most High.

Be fair: Is the testimony of those acceptable and worthy of attention

whose deeds agree with their words, whose outward behavior conforms with

their inner life? The mind is bewildered at their deeds, and the soul

marveleth at their fortitude and bodily endurance. Or is the testimony of

these faithless souls who breathe naught but the breath of selfish desire,

and who lie imprisoned in the cage of their idle fancies, acceptable? Like

the bats of darkness, they lift not their heads from their couch except to

pursue the transient things of the world, and find no rest by night except

as they labor to advance the aims of their sordid life. Immersed in their

selfish schemes, they are oblivious of the Divine decree. In the daytime

they strive with all their soul after worldly benefits, and in the night

season their sole occupation is to gratify their carnal desires. By what

law or standard could men be justified in cleaving to the denials of such

petty-minded souls and in ignoring the faith of them that have renounced,

for the sake of the good pleasure of God, their life and substance, their

fame and renown, their reputation and honor?...

With what love, what devotion, what exultation and holy rapture, they

sacrificed their lives in the path of the All-Glorious! To the truth of

this all witness. And yet, how can they belittle this Revelation? Hath any

age witnessed such momentous happenings? If these companions be not the

true strivers after God, who else could be called by this name? Have these

companions been seekers after power or glory? Have they ever yearned for

riches? Have they cherished any desire except the good pleasure of God? If

these companions, with all their marvelous testimonies and wondrous works,

be false, who then is worthy to claim for himself the truth? I swear by

God! Their very deeds are a sufficient testimony, and an irrefutable proof

unto all the peoples of the earth, were men to ponder in their hearts the

mysteries of Divine Revelation. "And they who act unjustly shall soon know

what lot awaiteth them!"...

Consider these martyrs of unquestionable sincerity, to whose truthfulness

testifieth the explicit text of the Book, and all of whom, as thou hast

witnessed, have sacrificed their life, their substance, their wives, their

children, their all, and ascended unto the loftiest chambers of Paradise.

Is it fair to reject the testimony of these detached and exalted beings to

the truth of this pre-eminent and Glorious Revelation, and to regard as

acceptable the denunciations which have been uttered against this

resplendent Light by this faithless people, who for gold have forsaken

their faith, and who for the sake of leadership have repudiated Him Who is

the First Leader of all mankind? This, although their character is now

revealed unto all people who have recognized them as those who will in no

wise relinquish one jot or one tittle of their temporal authority for the

sake of God's holy Faith, how much less their life, their substance, and

the like.

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