At One Time We Address The People Of The Torah And Summon

At one time We address the people of the Torah and summon them unto Him

Who is the Revealer of verses, Who hath come from Him Who layeth low the

necks of men.... At another, We address the people of the Evangel and say:

'The All-Glorious is come in this Name whereby the Breeze of God hath

wafted over all regions.'... At still another, We address the people of

the Qur'an saying: 'Fear the All-Merciful, and cavil not at Him through

Whom all religions were founded.'... Know thou, moreover, that We have

addressed to the Magians Our Tablets, and adorned them with Our Law.... We

have revealed in them the essence of all the hints and allusions contained

in their Books. The Lord, verily, is the Almighty, the All-Knowing.

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