Behold How The Divers Peoples And Kindreds

Behold, how the divers peoples and kindreds of the earth have been waiting

for the coming of the Promised One. No sooner had He, Who is the Sun of

Truth, been made manifest, than, lo, all turned away from Him, except them

whom God was pleased to guide. We dare not, in this Day, lift the veil

that concealeth the exalted station which every true believer can attain,

for the joy which such a revelation must provoke might well cause a few to

faint away and die.

He Who is the Heart and Center of the Bayan hath written: "The germ that

holdeth within itself the potentialities of the Revelation that is to come

is endowed with a potency superior to the combined forces of all those who

follow Me." And, again, He saith: "Of all the tributes I have paid to Him

Who is to come after Me, the greatest is this, My written confession, that

no words of Mine can adequately describe Him, nor can any reference to Him

in My Book, the Bayan, do justice to His Cause."

Whoso hath searched the depths of the oceans that lie hid within these

exalted words, and fathomed their import, can be said to have discovered a

glimmer of the unspeakable glory with which this mighty, this sublime, and

most holy Revelation hath been endowed. From the excellence of so great a

Revelation the honor with which its faithful followers must needs be

invested can be well imagined. By the righteousness of the one true God!

The very breath of these souls is in itself richer than all the treasures

of the earth. Happy is the man that hath attained thereunto, and woe

betide the heedless.

Because Of You The Apostle (muhammad) Lamented, Behold The Disturbances Which For Many A facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail