Behold The Disturbances Which For Many A

Behold the disturbances which, for many a long year, have afflicted the

earth, and the perturbation that hath seized its peoples. It hath either

been ravaged by war, or tormented by sudden and unforeseen calamities.

Though the world is encompassed with misery and distress, yet no man hath

paused to reflect what the cause or source of that may be. Whenever the

True Counsellor uttered a word in admonishment, lo, they all denounced Him

as a mover of mischief and rejected His claim. How bewildering, how

confusing is such behavior! No two men can be found who may be said to be

outwardly and inwardly united. The evidences of discord and malice are

apparent everywhere, though all were made for harmony and union. The Great

Being saith: O well-beloved ones! The tabernacle of unity hath been

raised; regard ye not one another as strangers. Ye are the fruits of one

tree, and the leaves of one branch. We cherish the hope that the light of

justice may shine upon the world and sanctify it from tyranny. If the

rulers and kings of the earth, the symbols of the power of God, exalted be

His glory, arise and resolve to dedicate themselves to whatever will

promote the highest interests of the whole of humanity, the reign of

justice will assuredly be established amongst the children of men, and the

effulgence of its light will envelop the whole earth. The Great Being

saith: The structure of world stability and order hath been reared upon,

and will continue to be sustained by, the twin pillars of reward and

punishment.... In another passage He hath written: Take heed, O concourse

of the rulers of the world! There is no force on earth that can equal in

its conquering power the force of justice and wisdom.... Blessed is the

king who marcheth with the ensign of wisdom unfurled before him, and the

battalions of justice massed in his rear. He verily is the ornament that

adorneth the brow of peace and the countenance of security. There can be

no doubt whatever that if the day star of justice, which the clouds of

tyranny have obscured, were to shed its light upon men, the face of the

earth would be completely transformed.

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