Blessed Is The Man That Hath Acknowledged

Blessed is the man that hath acknowledged his belief in God and in His

signs, and recognized that "He shall not be asked of His doings." Such a

recognition hath been made by God the ornament of every belief, and its

very foundation. Upon it must depend the acceptance of every goodly deed.

Fasten your eyes upon it, that haply the whisperings of the rebellious may

not cause you to slip.

Were He to decree as lawful the thing which from time immemorial had been

forbidden, and forbid that which had, at all times, been regarded as

lawful, to none is given the right to question His authority. Whoso will

hesitate, though it be for less than a moment, should be regarded as a


Whoso hath not recognized this sublime and fundamental verity, and hath

failed to attain this most exalted station, the winds of doubt will

agitate him, and the sayings of the infidels will distract his soul. He

that hath acknowledged this principle will be endowed with the most

perfect constancy. All honor to this all-glorious station, the remembrance

of which adorneth every exalted Tablet. Such is the teaching which God

bestoweth on you, a teaching that will deliver you from all manner of

doubt and perplexity, and enable you to attain unto salvation in both this

world and in the next. He, verily, is the Ever-Forgiving, the Most


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