Some referred to the teaching of Buddha. 'Abdu'l-Baha said: The real

teaching of Buddha is the same as the teaching of Jesus Christ. The

teachings of all the Prophets are the same in character. Now men have

changed the teaching. If you look at the present practice of the Buddhist

religion, you will see that there is little of the Reality left. Many

worship idols although their teaching forbids it.

Buddha had disciples and he wished to send them out into the world to

teach, so he asked them questions to see if they were prepared as he would

have them be. When you go to the East and to the West, said the Buddha,

and the people shut their doors to you and refuse to speak to you, what

will you do?--The disciples answered and said: We shall be very thankful

that they do us no harm.--Then if they do you harm and mock, what will

you do?--We shall be very thankful that they do not give us worse

treatment.--If they throw you into prison?--We shall still be grateful

that they do not kill us.--What if they were to kill you? the Master

asked for the last time. Still, answered the disciples, we will be

thankful, for they cause us to be martyrs. What more glorious fate is

there than this, to die for the glory of God? And the Buddha said: Well


The teaching of Buddha was like a young and beautiful child, and now it

has become as an old and decrepit man. Like the aged man it cannot see, it

cannot hear, it cannot remember anything. Why go so far back? Consider the

laws of the Old Testament: the Jews do not follow Moses as their example

nor keep his commands. So it is with many other religions.

How can we get the power to follow the right path?

By putting the teaching into practice power will be given. You know which

path to follow: you cannot be mistaken, for there's a great distinction

between God and evil, between Light and darkness, Truth and falsehood,

Love and hatred, Generosity and meanness, Education and ignorance, Faith

in God and superstition, good Laws and unjust laws.

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