Call Thou To Mind That Which Hath Been

Call thou to mind that which hath been revealed unto Mihdi, Our servant,

in the first year of Our banishment to the Land of Mystery (Adrianople).

Unto him have We predicted that which must befall Our House (Ba_gh_dad

House), in the days to come, lest he grieve over the acts of robbery and

violence already perpetrated against it. Verily, the Lord, thy God,

knoweth all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth.

To him We have written: This is not the first humiliation inflicted upon

My House. In days gone by the hand of the oppressor hath heaped

indignities upon it. Verily, it shall be so abased in the days to come as

to cause tears to flow from every discerning eye. Thus have We unfolded to

thee things hidden beyond the veil, inscrutable to all save God, the

Almighty, the All-Praised. In the fullness of time, the Lord shall, by the

power of truth, exalt it in the eyes of all men. He shall cause it to

become the Standard of His Kingdom, the Shrine round which will circle the

concourse of the faithful. Thus hath spoken the Lord, thy God, ere the day

of lamentation arriveth. This revelation have We given thee in Our holy

Tablet, lest thou sorrow for what hath befallen Our House through the

assaults of the enemy. All praise be to God, the All-Knowing, the


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