Call Thou To Remembrance O Land Of Ta

Call thou to remembrance, O Land of Ta (Tihran), the former days in which

thy Lord had made thee the seat of His throne, and had enveloped thee with

the effulgence of His glory. How vast the number of those sanctified

beings, those symbols of certitude, who, in their great love for thee,

have laid down their lives and sacrificed their all for thy sake! Joy be

to thee, and blissfulness to them that inhabit thee. I testify that out of

thee, as every discerning heart knoweth, proceedeth the living breath of

Him Who is the Desire of the world. In thee the Unseen hath been revealed,

and out of thee hath gone forth that which lay hid from the eyes of men.

Which one of the multitude of thy sincere lovers shall We remember, whose

blood hath been shed within thy gates, and whose dust is now concealed

beneath thy soil? The sweet savors of God have unceasingly been wafted,

and shall everlastingly continue to be wafted upon thee. Our Pen is moved

to commemorate thee, and to extol the victims of tyranny, those men and

women that sleep beneath thy dust.

Among them is Our own sister, whom We now call to mind as a token of Our

fidelity, and as proof of Our loving-kindness, unto her. How piteous was

her plight! In what a state of resignation she returned to her God! We,

alone, in Our all-encompassing knowledge, have known it.

O Land of Ta! Thou art still, through the grace of God, a center around

which His beloved ones have gathered. Happy are they; happy every refugee

that seeketh thy shelter, in his sufferings in the path of God, the Lord

of this wondrous Day! Blessed are they that remember the one true God,

that magnify His Name, and seek diligently to serve His Cause. It is to

these men that the sacred Books of old have referred. On them hath the

Commander of the Faithful lavished his praise, saying: "The blessedness

awaiting them excelleth the blessedness we now enjoy." He, verily, hath

spoken the truth, and to this We now testify. The glory of their station,

however, is as yet undisclosed. The Hand of Divine power will, assuredly,

lift up the veil, and expose to the sight of men that which shall cheer

and lighten the eye of the world.

Render thanks unto God, the Eternal Truth, exalted be His glory, inasmuch

as ye have attained so wondrous a favor, and been adorned with the

ornament of His praise. Appreciate the value of these days, and cleave to

whatsoever beseemeth this Revelation. He, verily, is the Counsellor, the

Compassionate, the All-Knowing.

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