Consider The Doubts Which They Who Have

Consider the doubts which they who have joined partners with God have

instilled into the hearts of the people of this land. "Is it ever

possible," they ask, "for copper to be transmuted into gold?" Say, Yes, by

my Lord, it is possible. Its secret, however, lieth hidden in Our

Knowledge. We will reveal it unto whom We will. Whoso doubteth Our power,

let him ask the Lord his God, that He may disclose unto him the secret,

and assure him of its truth. That copper can be turned into gold is in

itself sufficient proof that gold can, in like manner, be transmuted into

copper, if they be of them that can apprehend this truth. Every mineral

can be made to acquire the density, form, and substance of each and every

other mineral. The knowledge thereof is with Us in the Hidden Book.

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