Contemplate With Thine Inward Eye The

Contemplate with thine inward eye the chain of successive Revelations that

hath linked the Manifestation of Adam with that of the Bab. I testify

before God that each one of these Manifestations hath been sent down

through the operation of the Divine Will and Purpose, that each hath been

the bearer of a specific Message, that each hath been entrusted with a

divinely-revealed Book and been commissioned to unravel the mysteries of a

mighty Tablet. The measure of the Revelation with which every one of them

hath been identified had been definitely fore-ordained. This, verily, is a

token of Our favor unto them, if ye be of those that comprehend this

truth.... And when this process of progressive Revelation culminated in

the stage at which His peerless, His most sacred, and exalted Countenance

was to be unveiled to men's eyes, He chose to hide His own Self behind a

thousand veils, lest profane and mortal eyes discover His glory. This He

did at a time when the signs and tokens of a divinely-appointed Revelation

were being showered upon Him--signs and tokens which none can reckon except

the Lord, your God, the Lord of all worlds. And when the set time of

concealment was fulfilled, We sent forth, whilst still wrapt within a

myriad veils, an infinitesimal glimmer of the effulgent Glory enveloping

the Face of the Youth, and lo, the entire company of the dwellers of the

Realms above were seized with violent commotion and the favored of God

fell down in adoration before Him. He hath, verily, manifested a glory

such as none in the whole creation hath witnessed, inasmuch as He hath

arisen to proclaim in person His Cause unto all who are in the heavens and

all who are on the earth.

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