Discourse At Mrs Thornburgh-cropper's

September 13th, 1911.

'Abdu'l-Baha said:--Thanks be to God, this is a good meeting. It is very

enlightened, it is spiritual.

As a Persian Poet has written:--The Celestial Universe is so formed that

the under world reflects the upper world. That is to say whatever exists

in heaven is reflected in this phenomenal world. Now, praise be to God,

this meeting of ours is a reflection of the heavenly concourse; it is as

though we had taken a mirror and had gazed into it. This reflection from

the heavenly concourse we know as love.

As heavenly love exists in the supreme concourse even so it is reflected

here. The supreme concourse is filled with the desire for God--thank God,

this desire is also here.

Therefore if we say that this meeting is heavenly, it is true. Why?

Because we have no other desire except for that which comes from God. We

have no other object save the commemoration of God.

Some of the people of the earth desire conquest over others: some of them

are longing for rest and ease; others desire a high position; some desire

to become famous:--thank God our desire is for spirituality and for union

with God.

Now that we are gathered here our wish is to raise the banner of the Unity

of God, to spread the Light of God, to make the hearts of the people turn

to the Kingdom. Therefore I thank God that He is causing us to do this

great work.

I pray for all of you, that you may become celestial warriors, that you

may everywhere spread the Unity of God and enlighten the East and West,

and that you may give to all hearts the love of God. This is my utmost

desire, and I pray to God that your desire may be the same.

I am very happy to be with you all. I am pleased with the English King and

Government, and with the people.

You may thank God that in this land you are so free. You do not know what

lack of freedom there is in the East. When anyone comes to this country he

is content.

I wish God's protection for you all. Goodbye to you all.

Differences Discourse By 'abdu'l-baha Given At The Unity Meeting Of Misses Jack And Herrick facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail