Discourse Given At Miss E J Rosenberg's Unity Meeting

September 8th, 1911.

Praise be to God, that such a meeting of purity and steadfastness is being

held in London. The hearts of those present are pure, and are turned

towards the Kingdom of God. I hope that all that is contained and

established in the Holy books of God may be realized in you. The

Messengers of God are the principal and the first teachers. Whenever this

world becomes dark, and divided in its opinions and indifferent, God will

send one of His Holy Messengers.

Moses came during a time of darkness, when ignorance and childishness

prevailed amongst the people, and they were waverers. Moses was the

teacher of God; He gave the teachings of holiness and educated the

Israelites. He raised up the people from their degradation and caused them

to be highly honoured. He taught them Sciences and Arts, trained them in

civilization and increased their human virtues. After a while, that which

they had thus received from God was lost; the way was prepared for the

return of evil qualities, and the world was oppressed by tyranny.

Then again the rumour of the Light of Reality and the breathing of the

Holy Spirit became known. The cloud of Bounty showered, the Light of

Guidance shone upon the earth. The world put on a new garment, the people

became a new people, the oneness of humanity was proclaimed. The great

unity of thought transformed humanity and created a new world. Again,

after a time, all this was forgotten by the people. The teachings of God

no longer influenced their lives. His prophecies and commandments became

fainter and were finally obliterated from their hearts, and tyranny and

thoughtlessness once more prevailed.

Baha'u'llah then came and once more renewed the foundation of Faith. He

brought back the teachings of God, and the humane practices of the time of

Christ. He quenched the thirst of the thirsty, He awakened the careless

and called the attention of the heedless to the Divine secrets. He

declared the unity of humanity, and spread abroad the teaching of the

equality of all men.

Therefore, all of you ought with your hearts and minds to endeavour to win

the people with kindness, so that this great Unity may be established,

that childish superstitions may pass away, and all may become one.

Discourse By 'abdu'l-baha Given At The Unity Meeting Of Misses Jack And Herrick Discourse Of 'abdu'l-baha At St John's Westminster facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail