Glory Be To Thee, O Lord My God! These Are The

Glory be to Thee, O Lord my God! These are the days whereon Thou hast

bidden all men to observe the fast, that through it they may purify their

souls and rid themselves of all attachment to any one but Thee, and that

out of their hearts may ascend that which will be worthy of the court of

Thy majesty and may well beseem the seat of the revelation of Thy oneness.

Grant, O my Lord, that this fast may become a river of life-giving waters

and may yield the virtue wherewith Thou hast endowed it. Cleanse Thou by

its means the hearts of Thy servants whom the evils of the world have

failed to hinder from turning towards Thine all-glorious Name, and who

have remained unmoved by the noise and tumult of such as have repudiated

Thy most resplendent signs which have accompanied the advent of Thy

Manifestation Whom Thou hast invested with Thy sovereignty, Thy power, Thy

majesty and glory. These are the servants who, as soon as Thy call reached

them, hastened in the direction of Thy mercy and were not kept back from

Thee by the changes and chances of this world or by any human limitations.

I am he, O my God, who testifieth to Thy unity, who acknowledgeth Thy

oneness, who boweth humbly before the revelations of Thy majesty, and who

recognizeth with downcast countenance the splendors of the light of Thy

transcendent glory. I have believed in Thee after Thou didst enable me to

know Thy Self, Whom Thou hast revealed to men's eyes through the power of

Thy sovereignty and might. Unto Him I have turned, wholly detached from

all things, and cleaving steadfastly unto the cord of Thy gifts and

favors. I have embraced His truth, and the truth of all the wondrous laws

and precepts that have been sent down unto Him. I have fasted for love of

Thee and in pursuance of Thine injunction, and have broken my fast with

Thy praise on my tongue and in conformity with Thy pleasure. Suffer me

not, O my Lord, to be reckoned among them who have fasted in the daytime,

who in the night-season have prostrated themselves before Thy face, and

who have repudiated Thy truth, disbelieved in Thy signs, gainsaid Thy

testimony, and perverted Thine utterances.

Open Thou, O my Lord, mine eyes and the eyes of all them that have sought

Thee, that we may recognize Thee with Thine own eyes. This is Thy bidding

given us in the Book sent down by Thee unto Him Whom Thou hast chosen by

Thy behest, Whom Thou hast singled out for Thy favor above all Thy

creatures, Whom Thou hast been pleased to invest with Thy sovereignty, and

Whom Thou hast specially favored and entrusted with Thy Message unto Thy

people. Praised be Thou, therefore, O my God, inasmuch as Thou hast

graciously enabled us to recognize Him and to acknowledge whatsoever hath

been sent down unto Him, and conferred upon us the honor of attaining the

presence of the One Whom Thou didst promise in Thy Book and in Thy


Thou seest me then, O my God, with my face turned towards Thee, cleaving

steadfastly to the cord of Thy gracious providence and generosity, and

clinging to the hem of Thy tender mercies and bountiful favors. Destroy

not, I implore Thee, my hopes of attaining unto that which Thou didst

ordain for Thy servants who have turned towards the precincts of Thy court

and the sanctuary of Thy presence, and have observed the fast for love of

Thee. I confess, O my God, that whatever proceedeth from me is wholly

unworthy of Thy sovereignty and falleth short of Thy majesty. And yet I

beseech Thee by Thy Name through which Thou hast revealed Thy Self, in the

glory of Thy most excellent titles, unto all created things, in this

Revelation whereby Thou hast, through Thy most resplendent Name,

manifested Thy beauty, to give me to drink of the wine of Thy mercy and of

the pure beverage of Thy favor, which have streamed forth from the right

hand of Thy will, that I may so fix my gaze upon Thee and be so detached

from all else but Thee, that the world and all that hath been created

therein may appear before me as a fleeting day which Thou hast not deigned

to create.

I moreover entreat Thee, O my God, to rain down, from the heaven of Thy

will and the clouds of Thy mercy, that which will cleanse us from the

noisome savors of our transgressions, O Thou Who hast called Thyself the

God of Mercy! Thou art, verily, the Most Powerful, the All-Glorious, the


Cast not away, O my Lord, him that hath turned towards Thee, nor suffer

him who hath drawn nigh unto Thee to be removed far from Thy court. Dash

not the hopes of the suppliant who hath longingly stretched out his hands

to seek Thy grace and favors, and deprive not Thy sincere servants of the

wonders of Thy tender mercies and loving-kindness. Forgiving and Most

Bountiful art Thou, O my Lord! Power hast Thou to do what Thou pleasest.

All else but Thee are impotent before the revelations of Thy might, are as

lost in the face of the evidences of Thy wealth, are as nothing when

compared with the manifestations of Thy transcendent sovereignty, and are

destitute of all strength when face to face with the signs and tokens of

Thy power. What refuge is there beside Thee, O my Lord, to which I can

flee, and where is there a haven to which I can hasten? Nay, the power of

Thy might beareth me witness! No protector is there but Thee, no place to

flee to except Thee, no refuge to seek save Thee. Cause me to taste, O my

Lord, the divine sweetness of Thy remembrance and praise. I swear by Thy

might! Whosoever tasteth of its sweetness will rid himself of all

attachment to the world and all that is therein, and will set his face

towards Thee, cleansed from the remembrance of any one except Thee.

Inspire then my soul, O my God, with Thy wondrous remembrance, that I may

glorify Thy name. Number me not with them who read Thy words and fail to

find Thy hidden gift which, as decreed by Thee, is contained therein, and

which quickeneth the souls of Thy creatures and the hearts of Thy

servants. Cause me, O my Lord, to be reckoned among them who have been so

stirred up by the sweet savors that have been wafted in Thy days that they

have laid down their lives for Thee and hastened to the scene of their

death in their longing to gaze on Thy beauty and in their yearning to

attain Thy presence. And were any one to say unto them on their way,

Whither go ye? they would say, Unto God, the All-Possessing, the Help

in Peril, the Self-Subsisting!

The transgressions committed by such as have turned away from Thee and

have borne themselves haughtily towards Thee have not availed to hinder

them from loving Thee, and from setting their faces towards Thee, and from

turning in the direction of Thy mercy. These are they who are blessed by

the Concourse on high, who are glorified by the denizens of the

everlasting Cities, and beyond them by those on whose foreheads Thy most

exalted pen hath written: These! The people of Baha. Through them have

been shed the splendors of the light of guidance. Thus hath it been

ordained, at Thy behest and by Thy will, in the Tablet of Thine

irrevocable decree.

Proclaim, therefore, O my God, their greatness and the greatness of those

who while living or after death have circled round them. Supply them with

that which Thou hast ordained for the righteous among Thy creatures.

Potent art Thou to do all things. There is no God but Thee, the

All-Powerful, the Help in Peril, the Almighty, the Most Bountiful.

Do not bring our fasts to an end with this fast, O my Lord, nor the

covenants Thou hast made with this covenant. Do Thou accept all that we

have done for love of Thee, and for the sake of Thy pleasure, and all that

we have left undone as a result of our subjection to our evil and corrupt

desires. Enable us, then, to cleave steadfastly to Thy love and Thy

good-pleasure, and preserve us from the mischief of such as have denied

Thee and repudiated Thy most resplendent signs. Thou art, in truth, the

Lord of this world and of the next. No God is there beside Thee, the

Exalted, the Most High.

Magnify Thou, O Lord my God, Him Who is the Primal Point, the Divine

Mystery, the Unseen Essence, the Day-Spring of Divinity, and the

Manifestation of Thy Lordship, through Whom all the knowledge of the past

and all the knowledge of the future were made plain, through Whom the

pearls of Thy hidden wisdom were uncovered, and the mystery of Thy

treasured name disclosed, Whom Thou hast appointed as the Announcer of the

One through Whose name the letter B and the letter E have been joined and

united, through Whom Thy majesty, Thy sovereignty and Thy might were made

known, through Whom Thy words have been sent down, and Thy laws set forth

with clearness, and Thy signs spread abroad, and Thy Word established,

through Whom the hearts of Thy chosen ones were laid bare, and all that

were in the heavens and all that were on the earth were gathered together,

Whom Thou hast called 'Ali-Muhammad in the kingdom of Thy names, and the

Spirit of Spirits in the Tablets of Thine irrevocable decree, Whom Thou

hast invested with Thine own title, unto Whose name all other names have,

at Thy bidding and through the power of Thy might, been made to return,

and in Whom Thou hast caused all Thine attributes and titles to attain

their final consummation. To Him also belong such names as lay hid within

Thy stainless tabernacles, in Thine invisible world and Thy sanctified


Magnify Thou, moreover, such as have believed in Him and in His signs and

have turned towards Him, from among those that have acknowledged Thy unity

in His Latter Manifestation--a Manifestation whereof He hath made mention

in His Tablets, and in His Books, and in His Scriptures, and in all the

wondrous verses and gem-like utterances that have descended upon Him. It

is this same Manifestation Whose covenant Thou hast bidden Him establish

ere He had established His own covenant. He it is Whose praise the Bayan

hath celebrated. In it His excellence hath been extolled, and His truth

established, and His sovereignty proclaimed, and His Cause perfected.

Blessed is the man that hath turned unto Him, and fulfilled the things He

hath commanded, O Thou Who art the Lord of the worlds and the Desire of

all them that have known Thee!

Praised be Thou, O my God, inasmuch as Thou hast aided us to recognize and

love Him. I, therefore, beseech Thee by Him and by Them Who are the

Day-Springs of Thy Divinity, and the Manifestations of Thy Lordship, and

the Treasuries of Thy Revelation, and the Depositories of Thine

inspiration, to enable us to serve and obey Him, and to empower us to

become the helpers of His Cause and the dispersers of His adversaries.

Powerful art Thou to do all that pleaseth Thee. No God is there beside

Thee, the Almighty, the All-Glorious, the One Whose help is sought by all


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