Glory To Thee, O My God! The First Stirrings Of

Glory to Thee, O my God! The first stirrings of the spring of Thy grace

have appeared and clothed Thine earth with verdure. The clouds of the

heaven of Thy bounty have rained their rain on this City within whose

walls is imprisoned Him Whose desire is the salvation of Thy creatures.

Through it the soil of this City hath been decked forth, and its trees

clothed with foliage, and its inhabitants gladdened.

The hearts of Thy dear ones, however, will rejoice only at the Divine

Springtime of Thy tender mercies, whereby the hearts are quickened, and

the souls are renewed, and the trees of human existence bear their fruits.

The plants that have sprung forth, O my Lord, in the hearts of Thy loved

ones have withered away. Send down upon them, from the clouds of Thy

spirit, that which will cause the tender herbs of Thy knowledge and wisdom

to grow within their breasts. Rejoice, then, their hearts with the

proclamation of Thy Cause and the exaltation of Thy sovereignty.

Their eyes, O my Lord, are expectantly turned in the direction of Thy

bounty, and their faces are set towards the horizon of Thy grace. Suffer

them not, through Thy bounty, to be deprived of Thy grace. Potent art

Thou, by Thy sovereign might, over all things. No God is there but Thee,

the Almighty, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.

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