God Is My Witness O People! I Was Asleep

God is My witness, O people! I was asleep on My couch, when lo, the Breeze

of God wafting over Me roused Me from My slumber. His quickening Spirit

revived Me, and My tongue was unloosed to voice His Call. Accuse Me not of

having transgressed against God. Behold Me, not with your eyes but with

Mine. Thus admonisheth you He Who is the Gracious, the All-Knowing. Think

ye, O people, that I hold within My grasp the control of God's ultimate

Will and Purpose? Far be it from Me to advance such claim. To this I

testify before God, the Almighty, the Exalted, the All-Knowing, the

All-Wise. Had the ultimate destiny of God's Faith been in Mine hands, I

would have never consented, even though for one moment, to manifest Myself

unto you, nor would I have allowed one word to fall from My lips. Of this

God Himself is, verily, a witness.

God Hath Through His Tongue That Uttereth God Is My Witness! Had It Not Been In facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail