God Testifieth To The Unity Of His Godhood And To

God testifieth to the unity of His Godhood and to the singleness of His

own Being. On the throne of eternity, from the inaccessible heights of His

station, His tongue proclaimeth that there is none other God but Him. He

Himself, independently of all else, hath ever been a witness unto His own

oneness, the revealer of His own nature, the glorifier of His own essence.

He, verily, is the All-Powerful, the Almighty, the Beauteous.

He is supreme over His servants, and standeth over His creatures. In His

hand is the source of authority and truth. He maketh men alive by His

signs, and causeth them to die through His wrath. He shall not be asked of

His doings and His might is equal unto all things. He is the Potent, the

All-Subduing. He holdeth within His grasp the empire of all things, and on

His right hand is fixed the Kingdom of His Revelation. His power, verily,

embraceth the whole of creation. Victory and overlordship are His; all

might and dominion are His; all glory and greatness are His. He, of a

truth, is the All-Glorious, the Most Powerful, the Unconditioned.

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