Happy Is The Man Who Will Arise To Serve

Happy is the man who will arise to serve My Cause, and glorify My

beauteous Name. Take hold of My Book with the power of My might, and

cleave tenaciously to whatsoever commandment thy Lord, the Ordainer, the

All-Wise, hath prescribed therein. Behold, O Muhammad, how the sayings and

doings of the followers of _Sh_i'ih Islam have dulled the joy and fervor

of its early days, and tarnished the pristine brilliancy of its light. In

its primitive days, whilst they still adhered to the precepts associated

with the name of their Prophet, the Lord of mankind, their career was

marked by an unbroken chain of victories and triumphs. As they gradually

strayed from the path of their Ideal Leader and Master, as they turned

away from the Light of God and corrupted the principle of His Divine

unity, and as they increasingly centered their attention upon them who

were only the revealers of the potency of His Word, their power was turned

into weakness, their glory into shame, their courage into fear. Thou dost

witness to what a pass they have come. Behold, how they have joined

partners with Him Who is the Focal-Point of Divine unity. Behold how their

evil doings have hindered them from recognizing, in the Day of

Resurrection, the Word of Truth, exalted be His glory. We cherish the hope

that this people will henceforth shield themselves from vain hopes and

idle fancies, and will attain to a true understanding of the meaning of

Divine unity.

The Person of the Manifestation hath ever been the representative and

mouthpiece of God. He, in truth, is the Day Spring of God's most excellent

Titles, and the Dawning-Place of His exalted Attributes. If any be set up

by His side as peers, if they be regarded as identical with His Person,

how can it, then, be maintained that the Divine Being is One and

Incomparable, that His Essence is indivisible and peerless? Meditate on

that which We have, through the power of truth, revealed unto thee, and be

thou of them that comprehend its meaning.

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