How Long Will Ye, O Concourse Of Divines, Level The

HOW long will ye, O concourse of divines, level the spears of hatred at

the face of Baha? Rein in your pens. Lo, the Most Sublime Pen speaketh

betwixt earth and heaven. Fear God, and follow not your desires which have

altered the face of creation. Purify your ears that they may hearken unto

the Voice of God. By God! It is even as fire that consumeth the veils, and

as water that washeth the souls of all who are in the universe.

O CONCOURSE of divines! Can any one of you race with...

O CONCOURSE of divines! Can any one of you race with the Divine Youth in

the arena of wisdom and utterance, or soar with Him into the heaven of

inner meaning and explanation? Nay, by My Lord, the God of mercy! All have

swooned away in this Day from the Word of thy Lord. They are even as dead

and lifeless, except him whom thy Lord, the Almighty, the Unconstrained,

hath willed to exempt. Such a one is indeed of those endued with knowledge

in the sight of Him Who is the All-Knowing. The inmates of Paradise, and

the dwellers of the sacred Folds, bless him at eventide and at dawn. Can

the one possessed of wooden legs resist him whose feet God hath made of

steel? Nay, by Him Who illumineth the whole of creation!

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