I Give Thee Thanks, O My God, For That Thou Hast

I give Thee thanks, O my God, for that Thou hast made me to be a target

for the darts of Thine adversaries in Thy path. I offer Thee most high

praise, O Thou Who art the Knower of the seen and unseen and the Lord of

all being, that Thou hast suffered me to be cast into prison for love of

Thee, and caused me to quaff the cup of woe, that I may reveal Thy Cause

and glorify Thy word.

Which of my tribulations am I to recount before Thy face, O my Lord? Am I

to recite before Thee what in days of old befell me at the hands of the

workers of iniquity among Thy creatures, or to describe the vexations

which have compassed me about in these days for the sake of Thy good


Thanks be to Thee, O Thou the Lord of all names; and glory be to Thee, O

Maker of the heavens, for all that I have sustained in these days at the

hands of such of Thy servants as have transgressed against Thee, and of

Thy people that have dealt frowardly towards Thee.

Number us, we implore Thee, with them who have stood fast in Thy Cause

until their souls finally winged their flight unto the heaven of Thy grace

and the atmosphere of Thy loving-kindness. Thou art, verily, the

Ever-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.

I Give Praise To Thee, O My God, That Thou Hast I Have Risen This Morning By Thy Grace, O My facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail