I Swear By The Beauty Of The Well-beloved!

I swear by the beauty of the Well-Beloved! This is the Mercy that hath

encompassed the entire creation, the Day whereon the grace of God hath

permeated and pervaded all things. The living waters of My mercy, O 'Ali,

are fast pouring down, and Mine heart is melting with the heat of My

tenderness and love. At no time have I been able to reconcile Myself to

the afflictions befalling My loved ones, or to any trouble that could

becloud the joy of their hearts.

Every time My name "the All-Merciful" was told that one of My lovers had

breathed a word that runneth counter to My wish, it repaired,

grief-stricken and disconsolate to its abode; and whenever My name "the

Concealer" discovered that one of My followers had inflicted any shame or

humiliation on his neighbor, it, likewise, turned back chagrined and

sorrowful to its retreats of glory, and there wept and mourned with a sore

lamentation. And whenever My name "the Ever-Forgiving" perceived that any

one of My friends had committed any transgression, it cried out in its

great distress, and, overcome with anguish, fell upon the dust, and was

borne away by a company of the invisible angels to its habitation in the

realms above.

By Myself, the True One, O 'Ali! The fire that hath inflamed the heart of

Baha is fiercer than the fire that gloweth in thine heart, and His

lamentation louder than thy lamentation. Every time the sin committed by

any one amongst them was breathed in the Court of His Presence, the

Ancient Beauty would be so filled with shame as to wish He could hide the

glory of His countenance from the eyes of all men, for He hath, at all

times, fixed His gaze on their fidelity, and observed its essential


The words thou hadst written have, as soon as they were read in My

Presence, caused the ocean of My fidelity to surge within Me, and the

breeze of My forgiveness to be wafted over thy soul, and the tree of My

loving-kindness to overshadow thee, and the clouds of My bounty to rain

down upon thee their gifts. I swear by the Day Star that shineth above the

horizon of eternity, I sorrow for thee in thy grief, and lament with thee

in thy tribulation.... I bear witness to the services thou hast rendered

Me, and testify to the various troubles thou hast sustained for My sake.

All the atoms of the earth declare My love for thee.

The call thou didst raise, O 'Ali, is highly acceptable in My sight.

Proclaim with both thy pen and tongue My Cause. Cry out and summon the

people to Him Who is the Sovereign Lord of all worlds, with such zeal and

fervor that all men may be set on fire by thee.

Say: O my Lord, my Best-Beloved, the Mover of my actions, the Lode Star of

my soul, the Voice that crieth in mine inmost being, the Object of mine

heart's adoration! Praise be to Thee for having enabled me to turn my face

towards Thee, for having set my soul ablaze through remembrance of Thee,

for having aided Me to proclaim Thy Name and to sing Thy praises.

My God, my God! If none be found to stray from Thy path, how, then, can

the ensign of Thy mercy be unfurled, or the banner of Thy bountiful favor

be hoisted? And if iniquity be not committed, what is it that can proclaim

Thee to be the Concealer of men's sins, the Ever-Forgiving, the

Omniscient, the All-Wise? May my soul be a sacrifice to the trespasses of

them that trespass against Thee, for upon such trespasses are wafted the

sweet savors of the tender mercies of Thy Name, the Compassionate, the

All-Merciful. May my life be laid down for the transgressions of such as

transgress against Thee, for through them the breath of Thy grace and the

fragrance of Thy loving-kindness are made known and diffused amongst men.

May my inmost being be offered up for the sins of them that have sinned

against Thee, for it is as a result of such sins that the Day Star of Thy

manifold favors revealeth itself above the horizon of Thy bounty, and the

clouds of Thy never-failing providence rain down their gifts upon the

realities of all created things.

I am he, O my Lord, that hath confessed to Thee the multitude of his evil

doings, that hath acknowledged what no man hath acknowledged. I have made

haste to attain unto the ocean of Thy forgiveness, and have sought shelter

beneath the shadow of Thy most gracious favor. Grant, I beseech Thee, O

Thou Who art the Everlasting King and the Sovereign Protector of all men,

that I may be enabled to manifest that which shall cause the hearts and

souls of men to soar in the limitless immensity of Thy love, and to

commune with Thy Spirit. Strengthen me through the power of Thy

sovereignty, that I may turn all created things towards the Day Spring of

Thy Manifestation and the Source of Thy Revelation. Aid me, O my Lord, to

surrender myself wholly to Thy Will, and to arise and serve Thee, for I

cherish this earthly life for no other purpose than to compass the

Tabernacle of Thy Revelation and the Seat of Thy Glory. Thou seest me, O

my God, detached from all else but Thee, and humble and subservient to Thy

Will. Deal with me as it beseemeth Thee, and as it befitteth Thy highness

and great glory.

O 'Ali! The bounty of Him Who is the Lord of all worlds hath been, and is

still being, vouchsafed unto thee. Arm thyself with His strength and

power, and arise to aid His Cause and to magnify His holy name. Let not

thine ignorance in human learning and thy inability to read or write

grieve thine heart. The doors of His manifold grace are within the mighty

grasp of the power of the one true God. He hath opened, and will continue

to open, them in the face of all them that serve Him. I fain would hope

that this breeze of Divine sweetness will, at all times, continue to be

wafted from the meadow of thine heart upon the whole world, in such wise

that its effects may be manifested in every land. He it is that hath power

over all things. He, verily, is the Most Powerful, the All-Glorious, the


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