It Hath Been Decreed By Us That The Word

It hath been decreed by Us that the Word of God and all the potentialities

thereof shall be manifested unto men in strict conformity with such

conditions as have been foreordained by Him Who is the All-Knowing, the

All-Wise. We have, moreover, ordained that its veil of concealment be none

other except its own Self. Such indeed is Our Power to achieve Our

Purpose. Should the Word be allowed to release suddenly all the energies

latent within it, no man could sustain the weight of so mighty a

Revelation. Nay, all that is in heaven and on earth would flee in

consternation before it.

Consider that which hath been sent down unto Muhammad, the Apostle of God.

The measure of the Revelation of which He was the bearer had been clearly

foreordained by Him Who is the Almighty, the All-Powerful. They that heard

Him, however, could apprehend His purpose only to the extent of their

station and spiritual capacity. He, in like manner, uncovered the Face of

Wisdom in proportion to their ability to sustain the burden of His

Message. No sooner had mankind attained the stage of maturity, than the

Word revealed to men's eyes the latent energies with which it had been

endowed--energies which manifested themselves in the plenitude of their

glory when the Ancient Beauty appeared, in the year sixty, in the person

of 'Ali-Muhammad, the Bab.

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