It Is Our Wish And Desire That Every One Of

It is Our wish and desire that every one of you may become a source of all

goodness unto men, and an example of uprightness to mankind. Beware lest

ye prefer yourselves above your neighbors. Fix your gaze upon Him Who is

the Temple of God amongst men. He, in truth, hath offered up His life as a

ransom for the redemption of the world. He, verily, is the All-Bountiful,

the Gracious, the Most High. If any differences arise amongst you, behold

Me standing before your face, and overlook the faults of one another for

My name's sake and as a token of your love for My manifest and resplendent

Cause. We love to see you at all times consorting in amity and concord

within the paradise of My good-pleasure, and to inhale from your acts the

fragrance of friendliness and unity, of loving-kindness and fellowship.

Thus counselleth you the All-Knowing, the Faithful. We shall always be

with you; if We inhale the perfume of your fellowship, Our heart will

assuredly rejoice, for naught else can satisfy Us. To this beareth witness

every man of true understanding.

It Is Evident That Every Age In Which A Manifestation It Is Our Wish To Remember The Abode Of facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail