It Is Our Wish To Remember The Abode Of

It is Our wish to remember the Abode of supreme blissfulness (Tihran), the

holy and shining city--the city wherein the fragrance of the Well-Beloved

hath been shed, wherein His signs have been diffused, wherein the

evidences of His glory have been revealed, wherein His standards have been

raised, wherein His tabernacle hath been pitched, wherein each of His wise

decrees hath been unfolded.

It is the city in which the sweet savors of reunion have breathed, which

have caused the sincere lovers of God to draw nigh unto Him, and to gain

access to the Habitation of holiness and beauty. Happy is the wayfarer

that directeth his steps towards this city, that gaineth admittance into

it, and quaffeth the wine of reunion, through the outpouring grace of his

Lord, the Gracious, the All-Praised.

I am come to thee, O land of the heart's desire, with tidings from God,

and announce to thee His gracious favor and mercy, and greet and magnify

thee in His name. He, in truth, is of immense bounteousness and goodness.

Blessed be the man that turneth his face towards thee, that perceiveth

from thee the fragrance of God's Presence, the Lord of all worlds. His

glory be on thee, and the brightness of His light envelop thee, inasmuch

as God hath made thee a paradise unto His servants, and proclaimed thee to

be the blest and sacred land of which He, Himself, hath made mention in

the Books which His Prophets and Messengers have revealed.

Through thee, O land of resplendent glory, the ensign, "There is none

other God but Him," hath been unfurled, and the standard, "Verily I am the

Truth, the Knower of things unseen," been hoisted. It behoveth every one

that visiteth thee to glory in thee and in them that inhabit thee, that

have branched from My Tree, who are the leaves thereof, who are the signs

of My glory, who follow Me and are My lovers, and who, with the most

mighty determination, have turned their faces in the direction of My

glorious station.

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