Kaiser Wilhelm I

O KING of Berlin! Give ear unto the Voice calling from this manifest

Temple: Verily, there is none other God but Me, the Everlasting, the

Peerless, the Ancient of Days. Take heed lest pride debar thee from

recognizing the Dayspring of Divine Revelation, lest earthly desires shut

thee out, as by a veil, from the Lord of the Throne above and of the earth

below. Thus counselleth thee the Pen of the Most High. He, verily, is the

Most Gracious, the All-Bountiful. Do thou remember the one whose power

transcended thy power (Napoleon III), and whose station excelled thy

station. Where is he? Whither are gone the things he possessed? Take

warning, and be not of them that are fast asleep. He it was who cast the

Tablet of God behind him, when We made known unto him what the hosts of

tyranny had caused Us to suffer. Wherefore, disgrace assailed him from all

sides, and he went down to dust in great loss. Think deeply, O King,

concerning him, and concerning them who, like unto thee, have conquered

cities and ruled over men. The All-Merciful brought them down from their

palaces to their graves. Be warned, be of them who reflect... O banks of

the Rhine! We have seen you covered with gore, inasmuch as the swords of

retribution were drawn against you; and you shall have another turn. And

We hear the lamentations of Berlin, though she be today in conspicuous


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