Lawh-i-siyyid-i-mihdiy-i-dahaji (tablet To Siyyid Mihdiy-i-dahaji)

He is the Most Holy, the Most Great, the Most Exalted, the Most High

O MY Name!(64) Yield thou praise unto God for having graciously chosen

thee to be a shower of bounty for that which We have sown in the pure and

blessed soil and enabled thee to serve as a springtime of tender mercy for

the wondrous and sublime trees We have planted. Indeed so great is this

favour that of all created things in the world of existence, none can ever

hope to rival it. We have moreover given thee to drink the choice wine of

utterance from the chalice of the heavenly bestowals of thy merciful Lord,

which is none other than this Tongue of holiness--a Tongue that, as soon as

it was unloosed, quickened the entire creation, set in motion all beings

and caused the Nightingale to pour forth its melodies. This is the

Fountain of living water for all that dwell in the realm of being.

Oftentimes have We wafted upon thee the sweet savours of the All-Merciful

from this Branch which moveth over the Tablet of thy Lord, the Mighty, the

Unconstrained. By the righteousness of the One true God! Were all created

things, visible and invisible, to direct themselves towards Him, thou

wouldst find them winging their flight unto the Supreme Goal, the Spot

wherein the divine Lote-Tree exclaimeth: Verily, no God is there but Me,

the Almighty, the All-Bountiful.

Great is thy blessedness, inasmuch as thou hast been journeying throughout

the lands of God, and been the embodiment of joy and assurance for the

people of Baha who have renounced all else but Him, and set their hearts

towards this Court which hath shed its radiance upon all realms, and

sprinkled them with the surging waters of this Ocean wherewith thou

thyself hast been sprinkled--an Ocean which hath encompassed all created


Indeed thou didst grasp the significance of rendering assistance unto God

and didst arise to achieve this through the power of wisdom and utterance.

Say: To assist Me is to teach My Cause. This is a theme with which whole

Tablets are laden. This is the changeless commandment of God, eternal in

the past, eternal in the future. Comprehend this, O ye men of insight.

They that have passed beyond the bounds of wisdom fail to understand the

meaning of assisting God as set forth in the Book. Say: Fear ye God and

sow not the seeds of dissension amongst men. Observe ye that which hath

been enjoined upon you by your Lord, the Almighty, the All-Knowing. He

knoweth the reality of victory and hath taught it to you with an utterance

that the vain imaginings of them that rove distraught in the wilderness of

doubt can never corrupt.

O My Name! Suffer all created things to quaff once again from this chalice

which hath caused the seas to rise. Kindle then in the hearts the blazing

fire which this crimson Tree hath ignited, that they may arise to extol

and magnify His Name amidst the adherents of all Faiths.

Numerous letters from thee have been presented before Our Throne. We have

perused them as a token of grace on Our part, and for each name thou didst

mention therein We have revealed that which will stir the minds of men and

will cause the spirits to soar. Moreover We have repeatedly enabled thee

to hearken unto the warblings of the birds of heaven and to incline thine

ear to the songs of the nightingales pouring forth their melodies upon the

branches. Thus was the Pen of God set in motion in thy remembrance that

thou mightest admonish men through the power of this utterance which is

divinely ordained to be the revealer of the signs of His glory.

Blessed is the spot wherein the anthem of His praise is raised, and

blessed the ear that hearkeneth unto that which hath been sent down from

the heaven of the loving-kindness of thy Lord, the All-Merciful.

Exhort thou the servants of God unto that whereunto We have exhorted thee

that they may abstain from whatsoever is forbidden them in the Mother

Book. Those who perpetrate deeds that would create turmoil among the

people have indeed strayed far from helping God and His Cause and are

numbered with the mischief-makers in the Tablet which God hath designated

to be the dawning-place of all Tablets.

Say: If it be Our pleasure We shall render the Cause victorious through

the power of a single word from Our presence. He is in truth the

Omnipotent, the All-Compelling. Should it be God's intention, there would

appear out of the forests of celestial might the lion of indomitable

strength whose roaring is like unto the peals of thunder reverberating in

the mountains. However, since Our loving providence surpasseth all things,

We have ordained that complete victory should be achieved through speech

and utterance, that Our servants throughout the earth may thereby become

the recipients of divine good. This is but a token of God's bounty

vouchsafed unto them. Verily thy Lord is the All-Sufficing, the Most


Say: Fear ye God and commit not such deeds as would cause My loved ones on

earth to lament. Thus biddeth you this Pen which hath set the Pen of Glory

in motion within the arena of wisdom and true understanding.

Convey My greetings unto those whose faces mirror forth the radiance of

Baha, then mention to them this utterance which cheereth the eyes of the

righteous. The glory of God rest upon thee and upon such as have firmly

clung to the Cord of God, the Revealer of verses....

Restrain thou the inhabitants of those regions from provocative acts, from

strife, dissension or aught else that would create trouble. That which is

praiseworthy in these days is the promotion of the Cause. For instance if

those people who pursue certain aims were to dedicate themselves to the

teaching of the Cause, all the dwellers of those regions would, ere long,

be invested with the mantle of faith.

Should anyone perceive the sweetness of the following passage in the

Tablet revealed in honour of Nabil of Qa'in,(65) he would readily

comprehend the significance of assistance: Human utterance is an essence

which aspireth to exert its influence and needeth moderation. As to its

influence, this is conditional upon refinement, which in turn is dependent

upon hearts which are detached and pure. As to its moderation, this hath

to be combined with tact and wisdom as prescribed in the Holy Scriptures

and Tablets.

O My Name! Utterance must needs possess penetrating power. For if bereft

of this quality it would fail to exert influence. And this penetrating

influence dependeth on the spirit being pure and the heart stainless.

Likewise it needeth moderation, without which the hearer would be unable

to bear it, rather he would manifest opposition from the very outset. And

moderation will be obtained by blending utterance with the tokens of

divine wisdom which are recorded in the sacred Books and Tablets. Thus

when the essence of one's utterance is endowed with these two requisites

it will prove highly effective and will be the prime factor in

transforming the souls of men. This is the station of supreme victory and

celestial dominion. Whoso attaineth thereto is invested with the power to

teach the Cause of God and to prevail over the hearts and minds of men.

O My Name! The Day-Star of utterance, shining resplendent from the

dayspring of divine Revelation, hath so illumined the Scrolls and Tablets

that the kingdom of utterance and the exalted dominion of understanding

vibrate with joy and ecstasy and shine forth with the splendour of His

light, yet the generality of mankind comprehend not.

The reason why the subject of aid and assistance hath time and again

streamed and will continue to stream from the Pen of Providence is to warn

the friends of God lest they engage in activities that would give rise to

strife and turmoil. It is incumbent upon them, one and all, to diligently

seek ways to help the Cause of God in such manner as We have explained.

This is but a token of His grace especially conferred upon His loved ones

that every one of them may attain the station characterized by the words:

'Whoso quickeneth a soul hath verily quickened all mankind.'

Temporal ascendancy hath been and will continue to be under the shadow of

this station. Its appointed hour is pre-ordained in the Book of God. He is

truly cognizant thereof and it will be manifested through the potency of

His might. Verily He is the Powerful, the All-Subduing, the Omnipotent,

the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

The sanctified souls should ponder and meditate in their hearts regarding

the methods of teaching. From the texts of the wondrous, heavenly

Scriptures they should memorize phrases and passages bearing on various

instances, so that in the course of their speech they may recite divine

verses whenever the occasion demandeth it, inasmuch as these holy verses

are the most potent elixir, the greatest and mightiest talisman. So potent

is their influence that the hearer will have no cause for vacillation. I

swear by My life! This Revelation is endowed with such a power that it

will act as the lodestone for all nations and kindreds of the earth.

Should one pause to meditate attentively he would recognize that no place

is there, nor can there be, for anyone to flee to.

In such manner hath the Kitab-i-Aqdas been revealed that it attracteth and

embraceth all the divinely appointed Dispensations. Blessed those who

peruse it. Blessed those who apprehend it. Blessed those who meditate upon

it. Blessed those who ponder its meaning. So vast is its range that it

hath encompassed all men ere their recognition of it. Ere long will its

sovereign power, its pervasive influence and the greatness of its might be

manifested on earth. Verily, thy God is the All-Knowing, the All-Informed.

O My Name! Hearken thou unto My Voice coming from the direction of My

Throne. He wisheth to make mention of thy name at all times inasmuch as

thou hast proved thyself steadfast in extolling His virtues amongst men.

Indeed thy Lord loveth fidelity as found in the realm of creation, and He

hath given it precedence over most of the praiseworthy qualities. Verily,

He is Potent and Powerful.

Know thou moreover that We have heard the praise thou hast uttered in thy

communion with God, thy Lord, the Exalted, the Gracious. Great indeed is

the blessedness awaiting thee, inasmuch as thou hast curtailed thine own

affairs in favour of this inviolable, this mighty and enlightened Cause.

We entreat God to make thy call a magnet which will attract the

embodiments of names in the world of existence that all beings may

spontaneously hasten to heed it. No God is there besides Him, the Exalted,

the Pre-Eminent, the Ever-Blessed, the Sublime, the Most August, the Most

Glorious, the Most Bountiful, the All-Knowing, the All-Informed.

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