Magnified Be Thy Name, O My God, For That Thou

Magnified be Thy name, O my God, for that Thou hast manifested the Day

which is the King of Days, the Day which Thou didst announce unto Thy

chosen Ones and Thy Prophets in Thy most excellent Tablets, the Day

whereon Thou didst shed the splendor of the glory of all Thy names upon

all created things. Great is his blessedness whosoever hath set himself

towards Thee, and entered Thy presence, and caught the accents of Thy


I beseech Thee, O my Lord, by the name of Him round Whom circleth in

adoration the kingdom of Thy names, that Thou wilt graciously assist them

that are dear to Thee to glorify Thy word among Thy servants, and to shed

abroad Thy praise amidst Thy creatures, so that the ecstasies of Thy

revelation may fill the souls of all the dwellers of Thine earth.

Since Thou hast guided them, O my Lord, unto the living waters of Thy

grace, grant, by Thy bounty, that they may not be kept back from Thee; and

since Thou hast summoned them to the habitation of Thy throne, drive them

not out from Thy presence, through Thy loving-kindness. Send down upon

them what shall wholly detach them from aught else except Thee, and make

them able to soar in the atmosphere of Thy nearness, in such wise that

neither the ascendancy of the oppressor nor the suggestions of them that

have disbelieved in Thy most august and most mighty Self shall be capable

of keeping them back from Thee.

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