Magnified, O Lord My God, Be Thy Name, Whereby

Magnified, O Lord my God, be Thy Name, whereby the trees of the garden of

Thy Revelation have been clad with verdure, and been made to yield the

fruits of holiness during this Springtime when the sweet savors of Thy

favors and blessings have been wafted over all things, and caused them to

bring forth whatsoever had been preordained for them in the Kingdom of

Thine irrevocable decree and the Heaven of Thine immutable purpose. I

beseech Thee by this very Name not to suffer me to be far from the court

of Thy holiness, nor debarred from the exalted sanctuary of Thy unity and


Ignite, then, O my God, within my breast the fire of Thy love, that its

flame may burn up all else except my remembrance of Thee, that every trace

of corrupt desire may be entirely mortified within me, and that naught may

remain except the glorification of Thy transcendent and all-glorious

Being. This is my highest aspiration, mine ardent desire, O Thou Who

rulest all things, and in Whose hand is the kingdom of the entire

creation. Thou, verily, doest what Thou choosest. No God is there beside

Thee, the Almighty, the All-Glorious, the Ever-Forgiving.

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