Many A Chilled Heart, O My God, Hath Been Set

Many a chilled heart, O my God, hath been set ablaze with the fire of Thy

Cause, and many a slumberer hath been wakened by the sweetness of Thy

voice. How many are the strangers who have sought shelter beneath the

shadow of the tree of Thy oneness, and how numerous the thirsty ones who

have panted after the fountain of Thy living waters in Thy days!

Blessed is he that hath set himself towards Thee, and hasted to attain the

Day-Spring of the lights of Thy face. Blessed is he who with all his

affections hath turned to the Dawning-Place of Thy Revelation and the

Fountain-Head of Thine inspiration. Blessed is he that hath expended in

Thy path what Thou didst bestow upon him through Thy bounty and favor.

Blessed is he who, in his sore longing after Thee, hath cast away all else

except Thyself. Blessed is he who hath enjoyed intimate communion with

Thee, and rid himself of all attachment to any one save Thee.

I beseech Thee, O my Lord, by Him Who is Thy Name, Who, through the power

of Thy sovereignty and might, hath risen above the horizon of His prison,

to ordain for every one what becometh Thee and beseemeth Thine exaltation.

Thy might, in truth, is equal to all things.

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