O Concourse Of Monks! If Ye Choose To Follow Me, I

O CONCOURSE of monks! If ye choose to follow Me, I will make you heirs of

My Kingdom; and if ye transgress against Me, I will, in My long-suffering,

endure it patiently, and I, verily, am the Ever-Forgiving, the

All-Merciful... Bethlehem is astir with the Breeze of God. We hear her

voice saying: 'O most generous Lord! Where is Thy great glory established?

The sweet savours of Thy presence have quickened me, after I had melted in

my separation from Thee. Praised be Thou in that Thou hast raised the

veils, and come with power in evident glory.' We called unto her from

behind the Tabernacle of Majesty and Grandeur: 'O Bethlehem! This Light

hath risen in the orient, and travelled towards the occident, until it

reached thee in the evening of its life. Tell Me then: Do the sons

recognize the Father, and acknowledge Him, or do they deny Him, even as

the people aforetime denied Him (Jesus)?' Whereupon she cried out saying:

'Thou art, in truth, the All-Knowing, the Best-Informed.'

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