O God, My God! I Beg Of Thee By The Ocean Of

O God, my God! I beg of Thee by the ocean of Thy healing, and by the

splendors of the Day-Star of Thy grace, and by Thy Name through which Thou

didst subdue Thy servants, and by the pervasive power of Thy most exalted

Word and the potency of Thy most august Pen, and by Thy mercy that hath

preceded the creation of all who are in heaven and on earth, to purge me

with the waters of Thy bounty from every affliction and disorder, and from

all weakness and feebleness.

Thou seest, O my Lord, Thy suppliant waiting at the door of Thy bounty,

and him who hath set his hopes on Thee clinging to the cord of Thy

generosity. Deny him not, I beseech Thee, the things he seeketh from the

ocean of Thy grace and the Day-Star of Thy loving-kindness.

Powerful art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee. There is none other God save

Thee, the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Generous.

O God, My God! Be Thou Not Far From Me, For O God, My God! I Have Set Out From My Home, facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail