O God! The Trials Thou Sendest Are A Salve To The

O God! The trials Thou sendest are a salve to the sores of all them who

are devoted to Thy will; the remembrance of Thee is a healing medicine to

the hearts of such as have drawn nigh unto Thy court; nearness to Thee is

the true life of them who are Thy lovers; Thy presence is the ardent

desire of such as yearn to behold Thy face; remoteness from Thee is a

torment to those that have acknowledged Thy oneness, and separation from

Thee is death unto them that have recognized Thy truth!

I beseech Thee by the sighs which they whose souls pant after Thee have

uttered in their remoteness from Thy court, and by the cries of such of

Thy lovers as bemoan their separation from Thee, to nourish me with the

wine of Thy knowledge and the living waters of Thy love and pleasure.

Behold Thy handmaiden, O my Lord, who hath forgotten all else except Thee,

and who hath delighted herself with Thy love, and lamented over the things

that have befallen Thee at the hands of the wicked doers among Thy

creatures. Do Thou ordain for her that which Thou didst ordain for such of

Thy handmaidens as circle round the throne of Thy majesty, and gaze, at

eventide and at dawn, on Thy beauty.

Thou art, verily, the Lord of the Judgment Day.

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