O High Priests! Ears Have Been Given You That They May

O HIGH priests! Ears have been given you that they may hearken unto the

mystery of Him Who is the Self-Dependent, and eyes that they may behold

Him. Wherefore flee ye? The Incomparable Friend is manifest. He speaketh

that wherein lieth salvation. Were ye, O high priests, to discover the

perfume of the rose-garden of understanding, ye would seek none other but

Him, and would recognize, in His new vesture, the All-Wise and Peerless

One, and would turn your eyes from the world and all who seek it, and

would arise to help Him.

O God, Who Art The Author Of All Manifestations, O High Priests! The Hand Of Omnipotence Is Stretched facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail