O High Priests! The Hand Of Omnipotence Is Stretched

O HIGH priests! The Hand of Omnipotence is stretched forth from behind the

clouds; behold ye it with new eyes. The tokens of His majesty and

greatness are unveiled; gaze ye on them with pure eyes.... Say, O high

priests! Ye are held in reverence because of My Name, and yet ye flee Me!

Ye are the high priests of the Temple. Had ye been the high priests of the

Omnipotent One, ye would have been united with Him, and would have

recognized Him.... Say, O high priests! No man's acts shall be acceptable,

in this Day, unless he forsaketh mankind and all that men possess, and

setteth his face towards the Omnipotent One.

O High Priests! Ears Have Been Given You That They May O Husayn! Consider The Eagerness With Which facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail